Would you like to add a new employee benefit feature to your employee wellbeing programme and help support your employees children become more healthy through increasing their physical activity levels?

Show your employees that you genuinely care about their holistic wellbeing by providing them with a genuine value added employee benefit which you can also co-brand.  

“During the history of Trifle Solutions, we have found that our most committed team members have been mums. Our team are multi and highly skilled individuals who juggle work and home life every day and we wanted to go a little extra for them. The Actives Card appealed to us, as we know that our team are advocates for getting their children up and out and keeping them active. Thank you to The Actives Team for introducing The Actives Card to us and making physical activities even more accessible and affordable,”¬†Sabrina Bradley,¬†Business Development Manager.

If you would like to find out more information on how your company can invest in purchasing The Actives Cards to be included as part of your employee wellbeing programme, please contact us for more information.

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