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DANCE SHACK was established by Lucy Holloway. She has had 16 years of working professionally in the Musical Theatre business, as a singer/dancer/actress, as well as choreographer and resident director for both touring and West End shows. Dance Shack is an opportunity to pass on her experience to students of all ages.

The school’s aim is to encourage everyone as an individual to gain confidence in performing in the three main areas of dancing, acting, and singing. Through good teaching, grounded in solid technique, a student’s confidence is able to flourish. Every teacher at Dance Shack has been trained at a top performing arts school and, most importantly, will have worked professionally and extensively in the business. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE AT DANCE SHACK: all our teachers have top-class experience in the professional theatre world. This maintains the highest standards and firmly roots the school in current working practices and gives students an understanding of the “real” performance world.

Dance Shack is also about offering an enjoyable and friendly class where the student can gain confidence in daily life. It is impossible to list here all the ways that dance can help improve a child’s development, from sheer physical stamina, through improved co-ordination and posture to general wellbeing.

Many of our classes are held in the studios at Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre, where the facilities are second to none. There is no need to be a member of Nuffield to join the school.

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