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With a successful soft launch completed which saw over 1,000 new members and four schools sign up to The Actives Card to help get kids more active, and The Actives Team are now ready to take The Actives Card to the next level in 2018.

During the first couple of weeks in January, The Actives Team will be delivering 50,000 flyers to over 150 local primary schools within a 15km radius of Bracknell (Berkshire) to promote a brand new campaign which is focused around:

The Actives Card 4 Key Values

  1. Getting Kids More Active
  2. Helping parents save money on helping their children become more active
  3. Growing local businesses through providing free marketing resources and initiatives
  4. Supporting Schools with a new funding stream which directly impacts the health of their pupils

Of course, The Actives Card was originally designed to get kids more active through making it easier and more affordable for parents to access free or heavily discounted local physical activities and courses – and that still is, and will always remain The Actives Card number one objective.

And if you have more parents taking their children to new local kids activity providers, you will naturally see a positive growth for local businesses and organisations regardless of which sector they operate in.

A Quadruple Win for Local Communities 

Hooray! So far we have a ‘win-win-win’ situation for children (who are becoming more active), for parents (who are saving money) and for commercial and charity organisations (who are growing their respected programmes), however, despite that seeming a really good positive relationship hybrid, that wasn’t good enough for us – and so we went searching for a fourth win and another new local community key stakeholder that we felt we could also support in our quest to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic.

It didn’t take us long to realise who our fourth community beneficiary would be, especially after listening to all the media noise and first-hand feedback re that schools are really under severe financial pressure, and are generally struggling to keep operational due to government cutbacks.

Therefore The Actives Card will be running a special campaign up until the 9th February 2018, that will see infant and primary schools financially benefit from receiving 50% of the total sale price of The Actives Card, which the schools can confidently promote as a great new source of funding, centred around connecting and developing local communities with helping to get kids more active at the heart of the initiative.

The Actives Card costs £19.99 for a 12-month family membership, so whether you have one or multiple children you only need to buy one card for the whole family to benefit from.

If you live within a 15km radius of Bracknell and would like to help financially support your school whilst getting your kids more active, you can buy your family membership card here

Wishing you a very happy and active 2018!

The Actives Team




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